The Most AMAZING Live Theatre in Kingston


Incorporating uproarious comedy and unbelievable mysteries David Johnson creates a hilarious and unique presentation that never fails to blow the audience away. By blending the art of Magic with the study of psychology and human nature, with a disarming sense of humour ....

This show is an experience that is intelligent, interactive, sophisticated, witty and at times laugh out loud funny.  "Astonishment & Wonder” is  is a 75-minute program of innovative and theatrical sleight-of-hand magic, packed with incredible audience participation. Imaginations are captured and stretched to the breaking point, as your deepest thoughts are revealed and minds read. (NO not those thoughts!!!)  Performed in a parlour setting for a small exclusive audience, in an intimate setting. 

Tickets starting at $24.50 get YOURS now! 

*although this show would be enjoyed by anyone, 

persons under 16 are not permitted!